Akvakultur i Vesterålen

Visit a fish farm

Akvakultur i Vesterålen is an adventure center for Norwegian aquaculture, where you can get a unique insight into the production of salmon in one of Norway's most beautiful regions.

A visit takes around 2 hours and includes:

  • A guided tour in our exhibition
  • A RIB-boat ride to the fish cages
  • A tasting of our smoked fish products, from our own production


Practical information:
Our boat is an open RIB boat and our drivers have a high focus on safety and ensure a comfortable ride. The actual boat trip lasts about 30 minutes, and included on the trip are warm suits, life jackets, mittens and goggles. Dress in warm clothes in several layers with insulating layers in the winter, as we'll go out in an open boat. We recommend waterproof shoes with thick soles. If you are pregnant or have back problems, a RIB trip is not recommended.

Opening hours

We are open all year for pre booked visits:


Saturdays-Sundays closed. Visits outside regular opening hours can be arranged, please contact us for availability.

Booking: All visitors must pre-book their visit here;

Book your ticket here

Email: booking@akvakulturivesteralen.no
Phone: +47 958 81 822


Adult 150 NOK
Children (6-15) 60 NOK
Children under 6 years Free entrance
A fish cage is so big that a Boeing 737 can fit inside! Approx. 50 m wide and 20 - 40 m deep.
Every day 14 million people around the world enjoy Norwegian salmon
1,15 kg feed gives 1 kg salmon. Salmon utilize feed twice and effective as pigs and chicken.
Aquaculture in Norway creates more than 10 000 jobs and contributes to more than 25 000 jobs in connected industries
A fish farm is usually 6-10 cages with 3 – 4000 tonnes of fish 2,5 % fish / 97,5% water

Here I got all my question answered about salmon and other fish farming in Norway.

Highly informative and dedicated tour. It was not white-washing of the problematic aspects but looking for solutions to them.

The salmon , trout and minke whale tasting was nice. The price for first class smoked salmon was an absolute bargain compared to supermarkets and elsewhere in Europe. So make sure to buy there.

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