Akvakultur i Vesterålen

Visit a fish farm

Are you curious about Norwegian food production? Do you want to learn about our coastal history and the industrial revolution of the Norwegian fishing industry and aquaculture?

Akvakultur i Vesterålen is an adventure center for Norwegian aquaculture, where you can get a unique insight into the production of salmon in one of Norway's most beautiful regions.

A visit takes around 2,5 hours and includes:

  • A RIB-boat ride to the fish farm

  • A guided tour in our exhibition

  • A tasting of our smoked fish products, from our own production

Opening hours

We are open all year for pre booked visits:


Saturdays-Sundays closed. Visits outside regular opening hours can be arranged, please contact us for availability.

Booking: All visitors must pre-book their visit here;

Follow this link to book your ticket here


For other questions contact us;

Email: booking@akvakulturivesteralen.no
Phone: +47 958 81 822


Adult 150 NOK
Children 6-15 years 60 NOK
Children under 6 years Free entrance
A fish cage is so big that a Boeing 737 can fit inside! Approx. 50 m wide and 20 - 40 m deep.
Every day 14 million people around the world enjoy Norwegian salmon
1,15 kg feed gives 1 kg salmon. Salmon utilize feed twice and effective as pigs and chicken.
Aquaculture in Norway creates more than 10 000 jobs and contributes to more than 25 000 jobs in connected industries
A fish farm is usually 6-10 cages with 3 – 4000 tonnes of fish 2,5 % fish / 97,5% water